Confused about what supplements to take? Check out this free on-line tool

For many people the question isn’t whether they should supplement, it’s which nutritional supplement do they need for their unique body and circumstances? How many bottles of this-or-that do many of us have sitting around because the products didn’t produce the results we were looking for?

Trial and error can be exasperating and expensive!

Take this simple, fast, secure, and free on-line quiz to narrow the field of nutritional options to what’s best for you:


The Nutri-Physical™ was designed by doctors and asks a series of basic health and lifestyle questions. The quiz takes only a few minutes and renders ranked product recommendations with a focus on the Isotonix® line. Product recommendations are provided via a proprietary algorithm. No one actually reviews the Nutri-Physicals so the analysis should be considered informational rather than diagnostic.

Questions? Here are some FAQ’s.

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