A Natural Way to Build Bone

CBR001266Osteoporosis is a rapidly growing disease which currently affects over 28 million people.  This silent and often painless disease destroys valuable bone tissue and often is discovered when fractures occur to the spine, hip, or wrist.  Osteoporosis can also be triggered by extended use of steroids and certain medications that leach minerals from the skeleton over time.  Women are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis, but men are far from exempt.

Fortunately, using super potent anti-oxidants like Isotonix OPC-3® stimulate our bodies natural production of collagen.  Collagen is necessary for calcium to bond with in order to form bone.  Isotonix® Calcium Plus is a highly bio-available form of calcium that works in concert with Isotonix OPC-3 to address osteoporosis and bone loss issues.  It also contains vitamin D3 which is a metabolically active form of D (superior to D1).

Prime™ Balance Bone Formula is another excellent product that works synergistically with OPC-3 especially in low estrogen conditions.  Estrogen reduces calcium loss in bone.  Prime Balance Bone Maintenance Formula contains  a product called Bonistein™, which is a form of genistein.  Genistein is a isoflavone that is very similar to natural estrogens.  Therefore, men or postmenopausal women can still receive the benefits that estrogen contributes in maintaining bone health.  Dense supple bone is definitely superior to hardened porous bone!

Prime Balance Bone Maintenance Formula is designed to help prevent osteoporosis, support calcium absorption and retention, maintain bone density and support normal mineralization and bone formation.

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