Ma CorporationThe first time I visited SHOP.COM (powered by Market America) I was struck at how much it looked like a Yahoo or MSN landing page. Multiple options were offered from exclusive products to weather forecasts, movie reviews, and access to hundreds of partner store sites. By typing “opc-3” in the search window I found the product information I was looking for. Soon after, I discovered that SHOP.COM offers more than just over 35 million products from over 3500 popular business and most of them pay Cashback (from 2-50%). It was also the most unique and compelling business model I’d ever seen.

With the explosion of internet shopping and the fact that retailers are closing brick-and-mortar stores (choosing instead to investing in their online stores) SHOP.COM (powered by Market America) is in the right place at the right time.  This trend awareness has placed SHOP.COM in the top 100 on-line retailers in the world. As a Shop Consultant I help people find the products they need at great prices. Through my SHOP.COM site people save money by earning from 2-50% cash back just by doing their regular on-line shopping from their favorite sites. This brilliant Cashback program also allows anyone to earn an extra ½% Cashback (with no time limits or sale restrictions) from those they refer to SHOP.COM . There’s no cost, subscription or membership required.

Isotonix® and other health products discussed on this blog are sold exclusively through SHOP.COM. As a product brokerage and internet marketing company SHOP.COM (powered by Market America) does not manufacture products directly. Instead, they operate similar to QVC or by selecting products and services from other companies in a wide variety of fields. Then SHOP.COM markets those products through Shop Consultants shopping portals.

Over 2500 companies like Sears,Target, and HomeDepot sell their products and services through the SHOP.COM system. The unique SHOP.COM shopping site enables people to comparison shop and buy items from thousands stores via a single shopping gateway. Unlike Amazon or QVC, SHOP.COM rewards those that shop through their site with Cashback on their purchases and referrals. There are over 35 million products and services available thorough SHOP.COM and more are added daily.

Shopping on-line through a SHOP.COM portal costs nothing! There are no mark-ups, no enrollments, no “got-cha’s”, just fantastic prices combined with Cashback rewards. Sales prices and/or coupon codes are never restricted. In fact, the SHOP.COMshopping portal has special “hot deals” which it continually provides to shoppers free of charge.

We think this is a revolutionary business model and are thrilled to be part of it.

If you are evaluating SHOP.COM or the products I’ve promoted on this blog, I hope this information will help you to make an informed decision. Feel free to check out my other site,

Drop me a line at julie@engineeredforhealth if you have questions. You can also download this digital brochure with active links (it’s 2.7 mb) to get an idea of the remarkable scope this company has to offer.

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