An Anthrax Antidote? Read the provocative clinical study and decide

Immune system disorders and deficiencies are legion, encompassing a vast array of disease and illness affecting people all over the world. Maladies resulting from primary and secondary immune deficiencies/disorders include:

Common health challenges where the immune system over or under reacts are:

From antibiotics and surgery to antioxidants and counseling, treatment choices are almost limitless.  The main treatment questions are:  How does it work? Has it been clinically studied? Does it tackle the underlying problem, or does it just mask symptoms?

The gastrointestinal system is crucial to immune function. Over 70% of the immune system is dictated by Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT) and 80% of the plasma cells responsible for antibody production reside there. This tissue runs from the tonsils through the entire intestinal tract. GALT health equals good health because it’s the foundation and structure of a strong immune system.

Stress can wreak havoc in the GALT. Research funded by the National Research of Health confirmed that stress changes the balance of bacteria in the gut:

“These bacteria affect immune function, and may help explain why stress dysregulates the immune response,” said lead researcher Michael Bailey.

An amazing new product that stimulates healthy GALT and supports robust immunity is Isotonix® Immune.  The primary ingredient in Isotonix® Immune is a patented compound called Wellmune WGP®.

Wellmune WGP® is a natural yeast compound derived from the cell wall of a highly purified, proprietary strain of hypoallergenic baker’s yeast. This link has a series of videos illustrating how Wellmune boosts the ability of immune cells to locate and eliminate dangerous fungus, bacteria and viruses in the body. Dozens of clinical, preclinical and peer-reviewed research testifies to the power and safety of this incredible natural substance.

In a provocative study researchers exposed three groups of mice to a lethal dose of Anthrax in their drinking water. One group was given Wellmune WGP® for 2 days prior to the exposure. Another group had Wellmune WGP® for 8 days prior and the last group had no Wellmune WGP® .

All of the mice with no Wellmune died from Anthrax within 10 days. Fifty percent of the mice with 2 days of Wellmune WGP® survived, and those that died lived much longer. All of the mice that had 8 days of Wellmune WGP® lived. The Wellmune WGP® enabled their immune systems to destroy the deadly Anthrax bacteria in their bodies.

Wellmune WGP® also has been shown to boost the effectiveness of flu and H1N1 vaccines while reducing negative inflammatory side effects which often accompany vaccines in human studies. After 90 days of consuming 250-500 mg of Wellmune WGP®, the frequency and duration of colds and flu were significantly reduced in test subjects.  Studies also show taking Wellmune WGP® lowers allergy and stress symptoms.

Isotonix® Immune delivers 250 mg of Wellmune WGP® per dose (along with Vitamin C and zinc) with up to 95% nutrient absorption in minutes when taken as recommended.

This study found that 62% of children who regularly supplemented with Wellmune reported “good health” compared with 15% who supplements with a placebo. The children using Wellmune also experienced two-thirds fewer upper respiratory tract infections and 6 fewer sick days over a 12 week period.

DNA Miracles Isotonix® Immune is formulated for children and contains 50 mg of Wellmune plus Vitamin C, Zinc, Potassium and Bromelain.

Isotonix® products are extremely bioavailable because they do not need to be digested like other types of tablet, capsule and even liquid supplements. Instead, Isotonix products are natural, evidence-based, scientifically designed nutritional supplements that deliver maximum results. Just mix a dose of the Isotonix® Immune powder into 2 ounces of water, drink it daily to unleash your immune system’s new super hero.

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