Yikes! No Bull! This popular energy drink may increase risk of Sudden Heart Attack

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The National Heart Foundation of Australia sponsored a study on the effects of Red Bull energy drink, on cardiovascular performance. The surprising results were recently published in the American Journal of Medicine.

Fifty healthy male and female volunteers (between 20-24 years old) participated in the study. One hour after consuming a sugar-free Red Bull energy drink, several negative physiological changes were observed in the participants:

Sticky clotting blood, vascular malfunction and unnatural elevation of  blood pressure are not conditions anyone should try to frequently induce in their body. Watch this 2 minute video from About.com on what happens during a heart attack.

Reducing free radicals has been found to improve endothelial function. Obviously, drinking Red Bull in this study impaired endothelial function. More research will be be done to determine exactly why these changes were observed in those young, healthy volunteers.  However, it seems reasonable to speculate that Red Bull increased free radical production which causes cellular oxidization. Cellular oxidation contributes to a vast array of inflammation, disease, and accelerated aging. Just consuming caffeinated drinks (like coffee) does not produce these type of troubling results.

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