… and that’s why your vitamins aren’t working!

The human body is comprised of roughly 10 trillion cells. Every cell is basically a highly sophisticated bio-chemical machine. Vitamins are small molecules that the cells need to perform specific functions. Our bodies can’t manufacture these vitamin and mineral molecules. Instead they must be provided via food or supplementation.

There are about 15 different essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Some fat-soluble vitamins (like Vitamin A) can be stored in the body for long periods of time. Others, especially water-soluble vitamins, must be replenished frequently.

So, vitamins and minerals are essential. Our cells depend on them. Then why do so many people who take supplements regularly still feel lousy and continue to struggle with symptoms of poor cellular health?

The likely culprit? Poor absorption. The cells can’t get enough of the active compounds from the type of vitamin being taken.

Absorption is determined by a variety of factors. Disease, age and stomach pH are all significant factors. When health is compromised digestion is almost always negatively impacted. Digestive acids and enzymes produced in the stomach are inhibited by antacids as well as certain medications.  Digestive problems and malabsorption occur as we age because fewer enzymes are produced that break down food. People at any age can become malnourished due to poor diet.

It has been well documented that vitamins in tablet and capsule form typically take anywhere from 2-8 hours to digest and render only 10-20% of the nutrients into the bloodstream. Liquid vitamins are more efficient and absorb far more quickly, but tend to be less cost effective because you are paying for the water the vitamins are suspended in. Many liquid vitamins have low levels of active ingredients and may also contain preservatives.

Intravenous vitamin solutions are used by some people and can be very effective. This method provides the highest rate of absorption because the supplements are in an isotonic state, which the body can immediately utilize. However using I.V.’s of vitamins requires the skills of a health professional making it inconvenient and expensive.

So, if you really want to receive the maximum absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the most cost effective form, I recommend the Isotonix® line of science-based drinkable isotonic vitamins.

The Isotonix® products are in a powdered form. After mixing them with the instructed amount of water they become isotonic and deliver up to 95% of the nutrients into the bloodstream in minutes, not hours.

There are no “magic” ingredients in the Isotonix® line. All of the vitamins and nutrients are well researched and science-based. Isotonix® products are manufactured in pharmaceutical-grade GMP rated facilities with certified and standardized ingredients. These natural products work because they are scientifically formulated and work in harmony with the human digestive system. By delivering vitamins in an ideal isotonic solution, the body does not have to “digest” them. Instead they are quickly, gently and almost completely absorbed, which delivers a high concentration of active compounds where they are needed — to the cells.

Instead of spending money on products with a bunch of hype, or giving up and accepting questionable results; try a sensible, science-based and affordable product from Isotonix®. If you don’t know which one to try, check out their super antioxidant blend called Isotonix OPC-3® or the Isotonix® Calcium Plus since most people are seriously lacking in antioxidants and minerals. Another option would be taking the free on-line questionnaire called Nutri-Physical™. It will provide instant personalized product recommendations based on your unique history and lifestyle.


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