You'll be amazed at what Vitamin K can do!

Vitamin K is beginning to emerge as a “must have” vitamin due to it’s outstanding benefits.

There are two primary forms of vitamin K called K1 and K2.  It is important to distinguish between these two because many reports that have been published on vitamin K are actually discussing vitamin K1.

K1 is found in green, leafy vegetables and is also called phylloquinone. Vitamin K2, on the other hand, is found in dairy products, eggs and organ meats.  Vitamin K2 is also known as menaquinone.

Menaquinone (vitamin K2) is produced by intestinal flora and the use of antibiotics will destroy it.  So if you have used antibiotics, you probably need K2.

K2 is impressing the nutritional world by showing results in dealing with:

Osteoporosis & Bone fractures

One of the best things that K2 does is direct calcium away from arteries and veins (atherosclerosis) and into bone where it’s needed.  Calcification of soft tissues is a nasty part of the aging process which can present as cataracts, kidney stones, arthritis and bone spurs. Preventing this type of pathological deposit before it occurs is easier and safer than trying to reverse it after the fact. Supplementing with vitamin K2 can offer that preventative step.

Some interesting studies include:

Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2 is an isotonic-based supplement delivering a highly bio-available form of these impressive nutrients.


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  3. Terry said,

    May 30, 2014 at 11:50 am

    I want to add what I found fish oil did for radiation as well as you say for chemotherapy..
    My husband had cancer on the tongue. He told me on a Friday night and on that night I hit the computer and my books for 8 hours and on Saturday we hit the health food store. I read after that for 4 hours a night to find the right stuff.
    By the time the 8 weeks of waiting for treatment was done his tumor was breaking down, he was spitting up chunks of it. It was about a third less in size already. They told us to get off everything I put him on so we dumped all but the fish oil. In third week of radiation he was supposed to be a bit sun burnt on the face and neck and a bit internally, throat and mouth. None. In the 8th week, the end of chemotherapy and radiation no burn still, anywhere, no damage in the mouth, throat or skin and he felt none the worse and even better then before the cancer first showed up. His chemotherapy and radiation was taken without any complications or stresses or scaring of any kind. He was cleared of all cancer. You wouldn’t know he went through all that and he didn’t loose any weight!
    He then decided like most men, I am feeling great! So being a pill hater he dropped everything and went on till a year later when he felt flu like symptoms that worsened. He had cancer in the heart and passed on quickly.
    He spent a couple weeks wishing as did I that he had gotten back on the stuff that was killing the first round of cancer so easily even before treatments and then passed on like a hero.
    I believe the fish oil saved him a lot of discomfort during treatments and I believe the other 15 things I researched and put him on would have kept it away since it did so much before they even pointed that machine at him.
    Research all you can and be careful but there is hope with natural meds as well as conventional meds.
    I am telling you, their comments on how well he did were amazing, they couldn’t get over how well he did with the 40 some treatments of radiation, they kept saying his skin was made of some kind of armor and he was one special star patient they had never come across before. He could be alive today and I miss him still so badly.
    Thanks for reading, have a nice day. Take care of yourself, not all can be done by someone else. Have a nice day.

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