You Need An Active Form of Vitamin D

If you have poor bone density, your health care provider has probably suggested supplementing with calcium and vitamin D.  The reason is that calcium is only 10-15% absorbed unless it has the benefitrunning-men2 of vitamin D to facilitate it.

The typical form of vitamin D used for most supplements is D2.  Vitamin D2 is classified as inactive.  An inactive form of a vitamin must be metabolized before it can be accessed, which requires considerable metabolic energy.  A metabolically active vitamin can be rapidly utilized by the body and requires very little energy expenditure.

Vitamin D3 is an active form of this essential nutrient.

Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2 is unique in providing vitamin D3 in an isotonic state, which allows it to be 95% absorbed.  It also incorporates isotonic vitamin K2.

K2 is, once again, metabolically active.  Most supplements use the inactive form known as K1.  K1 is not advised for people using statin drugs due to it’s blood-thinning characteristics.  On the other hand, K2 has no such behavior.  In fact, K2 mediates a condition that can occur during calcium supplementation known as the “calcium paradox”.

The calcium paradox occurs when calcium is stored in the arteries instead of bones.  This can create dangerous calcification and compromised cardiovascular health.  K2 acts like an internal guide directing calcium to the bones and away from arteries and veins.

Combining D3 and K2 into in isotonic form is synergistically brilliant!  I know of no better way of absorbing of these two very important vitamins.

Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2
Isotonix® Calcium Plus
Prime™ Bone Maintenance Formula

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  1. Adrienne Bell said,

    February 11, 2009 at 4:14 am

    I’m going to give my doctor such an earful. She prescribed 50,000 units of vitamin D for 12 weeks because my score on a blood test was very low. My prescription is sold under the brand name Pliva. After learning about Market America’s new product combining 5000 units of D3 and 45 mcgs of vitamin K2, I googled my prescription and discovered that it is only D2. I also discovered that D3 is not available in mega-dose form, or in pharmaceutical grade from the pharma companies. D2 evidently is not natural in the human body but only occurs in plants, although we digest very little of it from plants. It is very inferior to D3 in humans and has about half the effect. No wonder my nails are not getting strong. Probably my bones aren’t either. What a rip off. Also the coating is made of bovine gelatin (Mad-Cow risk) and yellow and blue colorings. I’m going to throw it out and order from MA immediately. So much for the many people who are now being misled with prescriptions for this Pliva product as more and more is discovered about the benefits of vitamin D – D3 that is!

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