Unique Vitamins and Antioxidants for Your Pets

After experiencing the benefits of potent antioxidants like Isotonix OPC-3® and Glucosatrin®, people petitioned for the similar products for their dogs and cats.  In response to those requests, a line of products called PetHealth™ was created.

dogPetHealth™ has unique vitamins, antioxidants and safe and effective grooming products that your dog or cat will thrive on.  In particular, the PetHealth™ OPC with Glucosamine also contains Pycnogenol® and is an amazing anti-inflammatory for animals that are experiencing joint pain and/or age related issues.

A friend of mine has a dog that had been suffering from chronic ear infections for over 6 months.  The vet had tried a variety of medications including several rounds of prednisone which only worked temporarily.  At her wits end she called me and asked about the PetHealth™ OPC.  I told her that steroids work by suppressing normal immune response which inhibits swelling and inflammation.  Unfortunately that suppression is accomplished through a massive free radical release.  So basically, the steroids temporarily reduce inflammation, but long term they create more cellular damage.

Apparently her dog had scratched his ears until they were bleeding, so my friend decided to try the PetHealth™ OPC rather than another round of steroids.  After giving her dog double doses, twice a day, she noticed improvement in less than a week.  After two and a half weeks her dog had healthy ears again and he was bounding up stairs that he hadn’t been able to climb since he was a much younger dog!

If you don’t really like the overpowering floral scent in a lot of dog shampoos, try the PetHealth™ Hypoallergenic or Medicated Shampoo.  These shampoos are sulfate-free, phosphate-free, alcohol-free, preservative-free and paraben-free leaving the dog with a silky coat and a subtle woodsy lavender scent.

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