Resveratrol – Good or Bad for Estrogen Related Cancers?

young-womanResveratrol is being widely discussed due to the positive results it demonstrates on anti-aging, cardiovascular health, cancer suppression, obesity related illness, and accelerated tissue healing.

So regarding estrogen-related cancers, why are some doctors recommending avoiding the use of resveratrol?

Well, a 1997 study by the National Academy of Sciences concluded that resveratrol has a molecular structure that is similar to synthetic estrogen and was identified as a phytoestrogen (plant based estrogen).

In December 1997, Dr. Barry Gehm at Northwestern University Medical School explained that: “Estrogen” is not a specific compound but a category of substances defined by their biological effect. Originally named for their ability to induce estrus (“going into heat”) in animals, estrogens act on cells by binding to a protein called estrogen receptor, which then causes certain genes to be expressed, or “turned on.”

The researchers found that certain breast cancer cells that require estrogen were able to survive and proliferate in a resveratrol environment. Therefore, it was prudent to recommend that anyone with a estrogen related cancer should avoid use of resveratrol unless they had received their doctor’s approval.

As research continued on resveratrol, a 2008 study conducted by Dr. Eleanor Rogan at the University of Nebraska Medical Center made a striking observation. This study found that resveratrol’s antioxidant effects may be able to prevent breast cancer before it even starts!

In a press release, Dr. Rogan stated: “Resveratrol has the ability to prevent the first step that occurs when estrogen starts the process that leads to cancer by blocking the formation of the estrogen DNA adducts.  We believe that this could stop the whole progression that leads to breast cancer down the road.”

When estrogen gets out of balance, dangerous estrogen metabolites appear which can initiate the growth of tumors. Dr. Rogan’s research group found that resveratrol increased the production of an enzyme that destroys these dangerous estrogen metabolites thus preventing tumors from being formed.

Medical science is a vast field and new discoveries are made daily.  As in all serious matters in life, research and professional advise help immensely when sorting through available information.

So, when it comes to estrogen related cancer, stay on top of the continuing research being conducted on resveratrol beginning with discussions with your health care provider.

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  1. Signs of Depression said,

    July 24, 2012 at 6:53 am

    are some of these drugs harmfull for mental health???

  2. Julie Lange said,

    October 16, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Isotonix Resveratrol is a nutritional supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any type of disease.

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