Link between Nutrition & Vaccine Effectiveness in Animals

“An ounce of nutritional prevention is better than a pound of antibiotic cure”.ounce-of-prevention1

That is the closing statement in a study titled “If Immunity Fails Don’t Blame Your Drug Salesman — It May Be Nutritional” by Cheryl F. Nockles from Colorado University.

The study discusses the role that proper nutrition plays in increasing the effectiveness of vaccinations.

Ms. Nockles points out that vaccinations by themselves do not provide protection from pathogens.  Vaccines stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that then provide protection to cells.  Rapid proliferation of antibodies is necessary for adequate protection.  The creation of these antibodies requires a large amount of cellular energy which is offered by antioxidants, proteins and minerals.  If the animal is lacking in a nutritional foundation to support this cellular demand, the vaccination is unable to be fully assimilated.

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Oxidative Stress, Antioxidants & Animal Function


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