Isotonic – a better way of absorbing nutrients

liquidsThe term “isotonic” means “same concentration”. This condition occurs when the amount of dissolved particles inside of a semi-permeable membrane equals the amount of dissolved particles on the outside of that membrane. Body fluids like tears, blood plasma, and lymph all have varying degrees of tonicity.

When we eat food or swallow supplements, the stomach uses muscle contractions and secretes extra fluids (or absorbs excess fluids) until the contents reach an optimum ratio between the solids and liquids. At that point the solution is in an isotonic state and is ready to cross semi-permeable membranes in the small intestine. The amount of energy required to achieve this state varies based on the type of food (or supplement), amount of food, quality and quantity of digestive enzymes, and stomach pH. This digestive process usually takes 6-8 hours.

The unique aspect of products made by Isotonix® is that the digestive process is acknowledged and addressed by providing nutritional supplements that the stomach doesn’t have to work on. Isotonix® nutrients are delivered into the stomach ready to be absorbed because they are already in an isotonic state. Therefore the beneficial elements are immediately available and quickly absorbed.

The Isotonix® company has a variety of supplements which are in a powdered form. When mixed with the indicated amount of water, a drinkable isotonic solution is created with the proper balance of solids and liquid to achieve highly effective absorption — as high as 95%. These patented products begin delivering bioavailable nutrients into the small intestine within five minutes!

Because of the physiology, Isotonix® products are ideal for rapid nutrient utilization and are considered by many health care providers to be the most potent oral nutraceuticals in the world. To top it off, these products taste great!

Isotonix OPC-3® is a very popular product produced by Isotonix® and is the only antioxidant in the world that contains Pycnogenol® in an isotonic form. Several clinical studies have been done on the veracity, effectiveness, and exceptional absorption of Isotonix OPC-3®.

Age, disease, and a host of digestive problems diminish our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Tablets, capsules, and even liquid supplements are typically only 20-40% absorbed even by healthy individuals. This is because the process required to render the food or nutrients into an isotonic state often takes so long that the beneficial components erode before entering the small intestine. Using an isotonic supplement is simply much more efficient and effective. Why pay for supplements that only get partially absorbed or, worse yet, end up in the toilet?

Abstract of 2008 study of accelerated bioavailability of OPC-3®

2008 Isotonix OPC-3® study of improved cardiovascular risk

Benefits of Isotonix OPC-3® as a flavonoid


  1. Aubrey said,

    February 17, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    This article looks great! 😉 This is the number one reason why I prefer Isotonix vitamins compared to any other form.

    Finally, a vitamin form that works WITH chemistry, not against it!

  2. Laurie said,

    March 12, 2009 at 12:44 am

    I agree. This blog is FANTASTIC!! I am so glad I found Isotonic supplementation.
    I appreciate this great resource of information!!

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