Is Loving a Toothpaste Strange?

toothpaste1Okay, I’ll admit it’s pretty weird to get excited about toothpaste.  It is not a product I have ever had much of an opinion on at all… but that all changed when I tried a new CoQ10 toothpaste that left me teeth unusually clean.  Now I am excited over a toothpaste!

It started innocently enough.  I knew that CoQ10 is a coenzyme which activates enzymes.  CoQ10 is found in every cell in the body and is essential for heart health.  What I didn’t know was that CoQ10 has been studied and shown to provide antioxidant benefits to gum tissue.  Antioxidants are amazing at maintaining and restoring health, so using an antioxidant toothpaste seemed logical.

I had just had my teeth cleaned at the dentist so it was a convenient time to test a new toothpaste.  What I didn’t expect was how pleasantly clean my teeth were staying.  Typically after a cleaning that super smooth feeling only lasts for a day or two.  I kept noticing how smooth and slippery my teeth continued to feel.  After three weeks I was in the bathroom and abruptly turned to my husband saying “is it just me or is this toothpaste keeping your teeth freakishly clean?!”  He agreed – this toothpaste was really something!

CoQ10 is a coenzyme, meaning that it activates enzymes. Enzymes are produced by the body and are necessary for survival and healthy living. CoQ10 is an energy catalyst found in every cell in the body. Coenzyme Q10 is essential for cellular energy production, promotes strong heart muscle and providing vital antioxidant protection to the cardiovascular system.

I am using a product called Perfect Smile Antioxidant Whitening Toothpaste. It packs some additional oomph by using a patented form of coenzyme called MicroActive™ CoQ10. MicroActive™ is a more highly bio-available form of CoQ10 allowing  the normally very large coenzyme molecules easier absorption into gum tissue. Additionally, it’s has the rare option of being provided with or without fluoride.

Controversy about excessive exposure to fluoride and concerns about possible links to thyroid disease has many people looking for good fluoride-free toothpaste options.  The Perfect Smile alternative is  Perfect Smile Natural Fluoride-free CoQ10 toothpaste which contains no sugars, no aspartame and no saccharin.  Instead, Perfect Smile Natural Fluoride-free CoQ10 toothpaste uses Vitamin C, aloe vera gel, parsley extract and grapefruit seed extract to enhance the effectiveness of the CoQ10 and MicroActive™ for better oral health.

If you need to really ingest some CoQ10, there are several excellent forms to choose from.  Isotonix® Coenzyme Q10 is a fabulous drinkable isotonic version.  For people on the go or preferring softgels, HeartHealth™ Advanced CoQ10 combines another highly bio-available version of coenzyme called CoQSol-CF™ with vitamin E.

By the way, I told my girlfriend about the Perfect Smile toothpaste and she decided to try it… three weeks later she called me raving about this toothpaste!  She ordered 7 more tubes (there is a discount on multiples) and informed me that she’d dropped off her brand new Costco megapack of Crest to a charity because now she only wants to use Perfect Smile toothpaste.

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