CoQ10 – Did you know statins drugs BLOCK this Essential Heart Energy Catalyst?

heart powerCoenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like substance naturally secreted by liver enzymes in our bodies. CoQ10 initiates cellular energy production. Critical systems (like the heart, brain and liver) rely on this energy to maintain proper functioning. CoQ10 is a biochemical catalyst that supplies vital energy.

The interesting thing about a catalyst is that it initiates an event, but is not consumed nor incorporated into the activity. Consequently, a biochemical catalyst can perform its function repeatably. Over 90% of the cellular energy generated in the human body is produced this way.

The energy that CoQ10 initiates becomes an organic molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is known as the ‘energy currency of life’ because all cellular functions need ATP to store or transport their energy requirements.

Cholesterol is a soft waxy substance that composes over 50% of all cell membranes. Cholesterol is necessary for regulating hormone activity, breaking down fats, building bone, enabling immune response, plus absorbing vital nutrients like vitamin D and calcium. We get cholesterol from food and from enzymes produced by the liver.

Statin drugs lower cholesterol by blocking the production of a natural liver enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase. This enzyme enables cholesterol and CoQ10 production. Statins work by attacking HMG-CoA in the liver, which forces the liver to pull cholesterol requirements from the blood. Dr. Gerald Gau (a cardiologist and cholesterol management expert at Mayo Clinic) states that “When you start a statin, your coenzyme Q10 level in your blood drops by 50 percent.” This may explain why over 72% of U.S. cardiologists polled recommend dietary supplements.

A common side effect for people who use statins is muscle pain and weakness called ‘myalgia‘ or ‘myopathy‘. A double-blind study published in 2007 found that supplementing with coenzyme Q10 for 30 days reduced myopathy by 40%. Beatrice Golomb at the University of California in San Diego also identified memory problems and dementia-like symptoms in patients using statins.

Statins definitely reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels, but they also reduce very healthy and desirable CoQ10 as well. Insufficient levels of CoQ10 may be a contributing factor in the high rates of congestive heart failure among statin drug users. Additional adversaries to cardiovascular health are oxidation and arterial inflammation.

Karl Folkers was a chemist for Merck (a large pharmaceutical supplier of statin medications). Dr. Folkers warned that prescribed statin drugs should include supplemental CoQ10 to prevent unintended damage to the patient.

Dr. Folkers collegue, Dr. Peter Langsjoen states: “The antioxidant or free radical quenching properties of CoQ10 serve to greatly reduce oxidative damage to tissues as well as significantly inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (much more efficiently than vitamin E).”

On the Science of Essential Nutrients by John Ely draws a strikingly similar conclusion:

“Q10 supplementation is beneficial in the prevention, treatment or cure of heart disease, stroke, cancer, viral diseases including AIDS, etc. Q10 slowed aging markedly, restored youthful thymic response to viruses and tumors, and extended lifespan 50% when given to very old mice. Safety and efficacy of CoQ10 has been demonstrated in numerous very large clinical trials.”

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