Pentaxyl – my amazing, affordable, skin brightening, wrinkle-nuking beauty secret

BeautySecrets“It seems like you’re getting younger! Why aren’t you getting wrinkles? What are you using on your skin?”

Lately, those type of questions keep coming at me from female friends and co-workers. After forty or so, fighting wrinkles can be quite a catalyst for conversation.

Several years ago, I started having trouble with hormone-triggered skin discolorations on my face. My dermatologist told me it was a common problem that many people experience and instructed me to avoid sunlight, use sunscreen and incorporate “fade creams” into my daily skin care. The only other option was to try expensive laser treatments.

Unfortunately, none of those options were fool proof because the discolorations were hormonally triggered. The splotchy spots would only truly stop once my hormones stabilized (after menopause) which might take 10-15 years.

So I dealt with the my “age spots” with concealer and foundation. It was a real drag because I was very self conscious of the splotches on my face and didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup. The spots would slowly disappear in one area only to emerge in another. I used a prescription fade cream for more than 6 months but noticed no difference. A couple years and several product attempts later, I was seriously considering coughing up some big bucks to try laser treatments.

Fortunately that was about the time that I discovered the Isotonix® nutritional line for my inside and a skin care product called Pentaxyl® for my outside.

Pentaxyl® is patented blend of herbal extracts and an amazing duo of Matrixyl and Argireline. This amazing cream reduces the severity of wrinkles and furrows in addition to firming and brightening skin.

Pentaxyl® uses three bio-peptides which fight the aging process. Peptides are proteins that help the cellular structure of skin increasing firmness, hydration and smoothness. Clinical studies have shown that the peptides used in Pentaxyl® will reduce the appearance of deep furrows and wrinkles in as little as 28 days of regular use. It even helps old stretch marks!

Compared to using StriVectin SD®, Pentaxyl® costs less and has more peptides.

After a month I noticed a significant improvement in the evenest of my complexion. Pentaxyl® is also so economical to use that my 4 oz. tube lasted well over 6 months! Now I can go out of the house without makeup and feel comfortable. My complexion is much more even and smooth.  So many of my friends have commented it can’t be my imagination. I finally found something that works and didn’t have to resort to lasers!

Ingesting antioxidants also provides significant benefits internally which will appear externally in the largest organ of the body – the skin. Therefore, I also drink Isotonix® nutritional supplements for their bioavailability and high nutrient absorption.

Other anti-aging products that I use and recommend for improving skin are:

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