OPC-3 prevents arterial disfunction after eating a fatty meal

holiday-feastIt’s the holiday season, which means lots of food, not all of it healthy. Did you know that when you eat a fatty meal, the endothelial layer of your blood vessels becomes less effective at regulating blood-flow. This is why a high-fat diet can lead to hypertension and arterial sclerosis.

A new study by Dr Tom Barringer, Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Health at Carolinas Medical Center, evaluates the benefit of isotonic bioflavonoid supplementation in preventing impairment of endothelial dysfunction induced by a fatty meal. The researchers used OPC-3® with its high concentration of bioflavonoids. Using a sophisticated technique, Reactive Hyperemia Peripheral Arterial Tonometry in healthy adults, his research confirms that a fatty meal will transiently induce endothelial dysfunction which can then be protected by the ingestion of a complex bioflavonoid supplementation.

Dr. Barringer concludes:

“Our results indicate that the flavonoid supplement OPC-3® can reduce the acute impairment in endothelial function a high-fat meal. These findings do not imply that all the detrimental effects of a high saturated fat meal are neutralized by taking a flavonoid supplement. The standardized high-fat meal however is a convenient, reproducible means to induce endothelial impairment in healthy volunteers who otherwise have normal endothelial function as proven by their normal fasting values.”

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