Natural Remedies for ADHD

jumping-boySeveral recent clinical studies have demonstrated that Pycnogenol and Omega-3 may be effective to reduce symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children. Pycnogenol® could soothe ADHD symptoms (Nutritional Neuroscience abstract) Pine bark extract could calm ADHD kids, says study (European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry abstract) Omega-3 again linked to calmer ADHD kids (Nutrition Journal abstract) Clinical trial boosts omega-3’s ADHD benefit claims (Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics abstract) In contrast, St. John’s wort, a natural herb that some thought held promise for ADHD, has recently been found not to be helpful. ADHD not helped by St John’s wort: study

My Experience

We have a 13-year-old son with “quiet ADD” (ADHD without the hyperactivity). He has struggled for years in school–unable to concentrate and focus. We first tried Omega-3 oils, and various natural supplements but did not notice a benefit. After much angst (and pressure), we finally gave in to his doctor and teachers and started him on drugs. They tried several prescriptions over the course of a year, but each drug caused side effects (mostly headaches) and did not significantly improve our son’s ability to concentrate. So, in agreement with the doctor, we stopped the medications and continued to deal with his ADD. This Summer, we discovered Isotonix OPC-3® and had the whole family start taking it along with the Isotonix Multi-vitamin, Isotonix® Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics, and Isotonix® Calcium Plus. Our son noticed an enormous improvement in his allergies within a few days. He has also been seeing a math tutor all Summer (Mathnasium, highly recommended) and I mentioned to his tutor that I was trying some new supplements and to let me know if he noticed anything. He asked how long our son had been taking the supplements and I told him three weeks. The tutor said that something surprising had indeed happened in the last week. Usually our son makes many mistakes when taking his skill tests (50% or greater) but on his last two tests, he had zero errors! This is extremely remarkable for him and the only thing I can attribute it to are these products.

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  1. Buffalo Chiropractor said,

    May 20, 2011 at 5:34 am

    Great Article! Every time I think about a child (person) with a learning disability I ask the question: Is drugging the child a vitalistic approach? Will that drug raise that child’s health so that he / she can be more, do more and achieve a greater impact on fellow human beings. The research is out – and the answer is NO. You must understand that a child that cannot learn will not be any brighter while being drugged. Interestingly, MD’s in the US prescribe five times the quantity of stimulants for children as MD’s in other countries. Many parents worry about drugging their children for multiple reasons. Their thoughts “Is there another way?” Absolutely! Chiropractic offers a child the ability to be at their best without drugs. As a parent I urge you to get your child’s spine evaluated to see if chiropractic can help your child. When as humanitarians are we going to stop lowering self achievement and start to deal with the cause of the problem? Healthier people for a healthier planet.

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